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Senior Project Engineer – Hardware Engineering

Job Location: Milwaukee, WI
Job Type: Full-Time
Position Title: Senior Project Engineer – Hardware Engineering

Position Summary:

This is a high visibility engineering leadership role will focus on providing architecture guidance for next-generation products.  The successful candidate will coordinate the efforts of multi-discipline team leads to define (develop, refine, and select) architectures for next-generation products.  The successful candidate will have a strong electrical engineering background, and, as a result of the multi-discipline responsibilities of the role, will also demonstrate strong aptitude in the areas of mechanical and firmware/software design.  In addition, the successful candidate will have strong experience collaborating with Product Management (Marketing) and Project Management in new product development.

The successful candidate will lead efforts to analyze high-level product requirements and then partition these requirements into logical functional blocks, taking into account cost, size, performance, and market constraints.  The candidate will continuously identify tradeoffs and areas of risk in the proposed architecture, lead efforts to research alternate approaches, develop and test prototypes and/or perform simulations as needed to optimize the final system design, and provide regular updates to the business leadership team.  The successful candidate will lead and participate in the creation of specifications for the various functional blocks to a level of detail that supports detailed design in the execution phase of the project.  During the execution phase, the successful candidate will be a leader and contributor to activities, including detailed design and analysis, documentation, verification testing, cross functional reviews, and manufacturing release.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and 12 years of experience in embedded hardware design.
  2. Demonstrated expertise as a Project Engineer/leader of a multi-discipline project team for new product development, thorough attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines.
  3. Experience with at least 5 of the following:Microprocessor or microcontroller-based embedded system design; Current sensing techniques;Analog circuit design, including analog filter design and antialiasing filter design;Digital circuit design, with an emphasis on maintaining signal integrity in difficult EMC environments;Typical embedded control peripherals (ie. RAM, Flash, FPGA, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, A/D and D/A converters, CAN);Offline switching power supply design and test; Ethernet hardware design and test, from the core processor to the Ethernet physical layer;High density, high speed multi-layer printed circuit board design;
  4. Demonstrated skills in the hardware development process, including circuit simulation, component derating, hardware debug & checkout, and electromagnetic compatibility design & test.
  5. Familiarity with packaging designs for electrical & electronic devices, including design for mechanical robustness, EMC, and thermal considerations.
  6. Proven ability to analyze and solve complex problems which involve hardware, firmware, and mechanical interactions.
  7. Understanding of bus architectures & inter-processor communication strategies.

 Desired Qualifications:

  1. Experience with single and three phase industrial power systems and motors.
  2. Familiarity with applicable motor control and protection standards, including the EN/UL 60947-x series.
  3. Experience with TI ARM Cortex M3 or M4 and/or TI MSP430 embedded microcontrollers.
  4. Hands-on development and test experience with EtherNet/IP products.
  5. Experience with writing system and module requirements specifications.


Contact Person:

Joel Frank – J. Frank & Associates, LLC – – 414-651-4503